A mass of ice was found one day
Beneath a mining town.
This piqued the Emp'ror's Int'rest, so
He sent the army down.

A slave girl and two armoured men
Through raging blizzard marched,
And once the credits had rolled by,
They found the town of Narshe.

The soldiers were not welcome there.
The town was set on edge.
But Vomammoths and Lobos were
No match for Vicks and Wedge.

To try and keep the trio out
They sent a mighty snail.
But Whelk was easily dispatched,
And thus begins our tale.

For when they found the Esper there,
Encased in solid ice,
Poor Vicks and Wedge, for all their work
Would pay a heavy price.

The slave girl stepped toward the thing
And in a flash of light,
Poor Vicks and Wedge were vaporized
Completely out of sight.

Then lightning arced between the two
And thunder echoed back.
Then slipping to unconsciousness
The whole world went to black.

Now when the girl came to again
A man was looking down.
He told her she had been controlled
By wearing a slave crown.

Before the pair could talk beyond
Just learning the girls name,
('Twas Terra so the story goes),
A mighty knocking came.

More soldiers came to fetch to girl,
So Arvis had to act.
He begged the girl to trust in him
And sent her out the back.

Into the caves she quickly fled,
Pursued by man and beast.
She was confused and on the run
And scared to say the least.

Then stepping on a weakened floor,
She fell down quite a way.
And knocked unconscious once again
Was left as easy prey.

But Arvis had another plan,
The treasure hunter Locke.
Though with the troops in hot pursuit,
They had no time to talk.

Into the caves Locke boldly went
And found poor Terra prone.
Not thinking how he'd ever fight
An army on his own.

Before he could concoct a plan,
"Kupo!" rang through the air.
Eleven moogles then appeared
To help the desp'rate pair.

So with some help from furry friends,
The heroes won the fight.
Now Locke was free to take the girl
And flee into the night.

They headed south to Figaro,
A castle built on sand,
To meet up with the reigning king
And formulate a plan.

The monarch Edgar took them in
And gave them space to rest.
Though Edgar's honour very soon
Would be put to the test.

The Emp'ror's highest ranking man
To Figaro did go.
The whereabouts of one lost slave
He really had to know.

But Edgar claimed he did not know
If such a girl was there.
So many ladies graced his court,
He could not be aware.

This answer did not satisfy,
So as he turned to go,
The gen'ral said he hoped ill fate
Befell not Figaro.

The gen'ral Kefka soon returned,
His wishes quite untrue.
If Kefka did not get the girl,
It'd be his barbeque.

So Figaro was set ablaze,
But Edgar had a plan.
The three escaped as Figaro
Sunk deep beneath the sand.

Thus with the castle safe from harm
The three then chose to go
On southward through a mountain range
To small South Figaro.

There they would rest and then head east
To Banon's rebel base.
For Edgar felt that Terra should
Meet Banon face to face.

To get from town to Banon's lair
They then did scale Mount Koltz.
An easy trek with Edgar's bow
And endless stock of bolts.

But at the end they met a man
And Vargas was his name.
His father Duncan was renowned,
A warrior of fame.

For it was Duncan who had trained
The brother of the king.
And Vargas hated Sabin so
He did an evil thing.

He'd killed his father in cold blood
And now would do the same
To Locke and Terra and the King
Because of Sabin's name.

The three fought hard, but could not win
As Vargas was too great.
But Sabin burst onto the scene
And saved them from their fate.

So now four strong, they travelled on
To Banon's hiding place.
And told the girl about the foe
That they soon hoped to face.

The Emperor had found a way
To harness magic force.
As magic had once scarred the world,
They had to stop his course.

'The Empire was corrupt,' they said
But Terra was not sure.
Then suddenly a wounded man
Came Stumbling through the door.

'The Empire took South Figaro,
The town is occupied.
And now the troops are headed here!'
He said before he died.

Thus Locke was sent to hold them off,
The others then took flight.
In hopes to sneak back into Narshe
Beneath the cloak of night.

Aboard a raft, they floated down
The mighty river Lete.
With fear of capture pushing them,
Their journey was quite fleet.

As luck would be, they ran across
A villian with a claim
The royalty of octopi
And Ultros was his name.

The group fought hard, and persevered
The octopus had fled.
But Sabin wanted to be sure
The vile thing was dead.

He dove right in, but quickly found
The current held much sway.
And Edgar could do nothing as
His brother washed away.

And so the heroes came apart
But soon would reunite,
Within the mining town of Narshe,
To wage an epic fight.

Poor Sabin floated far away,
The current took him east.
And there he journeyed for a time
With ninja and his beast.

In order to head back to Narshe
Through Doma they did go.
A kingdom of the noblest kind
That Death would soon well know.

The Emp'ror had his eyes on it,
And so to please their liege,
The gen'rals had set up a camp
And had begun a siege.

But Kefka could not wait to win
And so devised a plan
To poison all the water there
And kill off every man.

The plan was nearly flawless but
One man avoided death,
To find his wife and son had drunk,
And had breathed their last breath.

His grief then quickly turned to rage
And picking up his sword
He vowed to kill all those who'd slain
His fam'ly and his Lord.

And so he charged into the camp
Quite blinded by his loss.
And there one Cyan Garamond's
And Sabin's paths did cross.

The camp was sacked, and Kefka fled,
Their vengeance swift and harsh.
But Cyan lost his will to live
And went with them to Narshe.

Their journey took the trio next
Into a Phantom copse.
The stench of death hung in the air
From roots to high tree tops.

Within the woods, the heroes found
A sight that should not be.
An eerie train and tracks that ran
Far as the eye could see.

They climbed aboard in hopes to find
Survivors who had fled.
But soon found out the train was there
To carry off the dead.

Before they could get off the train
It started down the tracks.
They knew that if it was not stopped,
There'd be no coming back.

They headed for the engine car
Persued by errant ghosts.
The disembodied souls of men
Which had just left their hosts.

Though no conductor drove this train
It still pursued its course.
The sentient locomotive showed
Our heroes no remorse.

They then used force to stop the train
And soon it did give in
It let them off while picking up
The rest of Cyan's kin.

There was no time that could be spared
To sit and mourn the dead.
The Empire was in hot pursuit
And so our heroes fled.

To Baren Falls they now did go
Though Shadow felt that fate
Was calling him another way
So they did separate.

So to the Veldt the duo went
Where animals ran wild.
And there they met and did befriend
Gau, the feral child.

And once again three members strong
They found some SCUBA gear.
The Serpent Trench swept them away
And Narshe was getting near.

They washed ashore in Nikeah,
From there they went by sea
Off to South Figaro and then
In Narshe they soon would be.

There Banon, Terra, and the King
Did welcome Edgar's kin
And soon the group was whole once more
When Locke came wand'ring in.

Though Locke had also found a friend
The Empire had outcast.
So Celes pledged her loyalty
To fight until the last.

But introductions were cut short
When urgent news came back.
"The Empire cometh!" said the scout.
And soon they would attack.

Into the hills the heroes climbed,
The esper to defend.
They'd keep it out of Kefka's hands
Though each might meet their end.

And so an epic battle raged
Across the fields of snow.
And in the end, to Banon's group,
The victory would go.

They went to view the esper then
To see if it was harmed.
But when it saw Terra again
The group became alarmed.

An arc of electricity
Shot out between the two
And everyone was pushed aside
With nothing they could do.

And then the strangest thing occured
As Terra did not die,
But took upon an esper's form,
And streaked into the sky.